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Galbijjim: The Ultimate Korean Rib Recipe

galbijjimGalbijjim is one of my ultimate Korean favorite dish.  Its simple to make and does not need alot of ingredients (at least mine does). It is great for pack lunches and tastes even better after a day or two in the fridge.

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Picturesque Dahilayan


Not everything you see is always what it seems.

Banana Fritters, there you have it

banana fritters

There are many recipes for banana fritters.  I have tried several but none of them was perfect until I learned this one through Phoa, my Lao maid.  This recipe will make crunchy banana fritters.

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Fixing a Water Damaged LG G3: Rice Works


wet LG G3 in rice

So I did the laundry yesterday and made a huge booboo: I dropped my LG G3 in the tub filled with soapy water along with the bedsheet that I intended to soak.  I could not remember how long it was there until my daughter who decided to stick her foot into the tub to step on the laundry and she felt my phone with her foot. Damn.

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Monks Gathered in Thailand

Love Your Language Campaign Translation Hackathon #2


So, the 2nd translation hackathon came and went.  The event went like clockwork from opening to closing, courtesy of yours truly. More people came than the last time– which meant same people from the last time without Jon and Drey but this time with RJ, April and Carlo.
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wall art- revolt

When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.- Victor Hugo

Love Your Language Campaign Translation Hackathon #1

FigaroOur first Love Your Language translation hackathon was a success!  Fuelled with pizza, sandwiches and coffee from Figaro, we spent 6 hours translating and validating phrases and words from English to Tagalog and Cebuano.

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Google’s Love Your Language Campaign

GBG CDO is participating in this year’s Buwan ng Wika with a nationwide month-long campaign called Love Your Language. Along with different organizations we used Google’s translate tool to translate or verify translations of Filipino and Cebuano words online.

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Let’s Not Fall In Love by Bigbang

The best music video from the Made Series in my opinion.  Not to mention the most compelling music video that I have seen from Bigbang aside from Monster and GD’s Who You and Crooked.  Lyric-wise, Teddy and G-Dragon made a killing with Let’s Not Fall In Love and Loser.  Commending G-Dragon for the lyrics of If You.

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