This is just a stupid list I have made long ago.  To those who know me, well, this Page will help you gauge and plan if you do intend to send me gifts! lol

1)  An LCD Television

2) Trip to HongKong (again), Indonesia, Seoul, Busan & Jeju in South Korea, Germany, Scotland and Paris with my kids. children.

3) Backpacking in Jeju, South Korea, Laos (yes, I want to go backpacking in that effin country– for what its worth) , Myanmar, Bali and yes, beautiful and rough Papua New Guinea.

4) A Cartier Watch — removing this one cause its unreasonable.  BAH!

4) A Swatch Full-Blooded–  I like watches.  I have more than 5 watches.  Most were gifts from my husband ex-husband and some I have bought through the years.  I reward myself with nice and durable Timex watches– so they are not overly expensive.

5) One Year Magazine Subscription–  love Oprah, Parenting, or any techie magazine.  Not anymore.  I have the Kindle Fire for magazines.  Thanks to a wonderful and generous Boss.

6) Shining Roses Tote by Valentino

6) A PC

7) An iMac

7) Books, books and books – I love to read on  Web Design, SEO, or anything on WordPress and Web 2.0 (am a geek…) and I also love to read Grisham, Scottoline, Higgins- Clark, Crichton and Kellerman.

7) Ebooks-  It’s economical and does not accumulate dust in the shelves.

8)  Moo Business Cards

9) Flowers

10) Godin or Yamaha or Fender Acoustic Guitar-  been playing as a child, but left my guitar abroad.  Now, I am itching to jam at home and teach my children to strum and pluck! I have a guitar now, but it’s one of those darn cheapo guitar. The real deal would be nice.

11) iPhone – got a Nokia E72 after old and trusty E63 was left in a cab and driver did not return the phone…  And now I am dreaming of a Playbook to go with my trusty BlackBerry Bold 9900.

12) Food (we all need to eat…hahahahaha)

13) A weekend in Siargao, Samal Island, Camiguin Siquijor and yes, I want to go back to Palawan aboard the Tao.  Who wants to come?

14) A weekend at  Boracay

15) iPod Touchmy kids lost the one my sister sent me and I still salivate on everything Mac.  Why does these effin things cost so much?  LOL

16) Watch a Live Concert-  It’s been awhile since I have watched a live concert.  I have watched Bon Jovi twice in my lifetime, and have watched alot of local bands play in UP and I really miss watching friends and even big bands play. I would love to see Jason Mraz, Park Hyo Shin, Bigbang, EXO, TVXQ!, Shinee or iKon before I croak. Hahaha

17) Pillows- the fluffier the better. One can never get enough pillows.

Updated. 01.11.18