1. Drools and loves everything Apple.
  2. Hates throwing away leftovers and recycles food. Loves cooking and is currently into Korean food.
  3. Goes to the grocery once a week month.
  4. Hates window shopping. (will only tolerate if with great company)
  5. Loves watching movies at home and loves Viki.
  6. Listens to Spotify every day and OC is fussy over playlists (and yes, I have a playlist for everything)
  7. Plays the guitar and sings like a nut.  More like an insane person. When mad, sad, happy I sing my heart out.  Music has always helped me through tough times.  I also celebrate with music.
  8. Likes order and cleanliness. Hates clutter and sweeps the floor before going to bed.
  9. Sleeps in the dark, absolutely no light.
  10. Loves to drink socially. Drink preferences: Jack Daniels with Cola, Soju Bombs and good Australian wine.
  11. Reads tech news everyday and is tech savvy.
  12. Obsessed with hard drive order.
  13. Have lots of friends but very, very few close friends. Absolutely loves hanging with close friends regardless of place.
  14. Loves reading.
  15. Loves taking off and does not mind being alone. I love my own company most of the time.  LOL
  16. While brushing, I hum the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.
  17. Likes to listen to various artists, including Korean Pop and Hiphop.
  18. Works and does chores like clockwork.  Yeah, I am an animal of habit and routine.
  19. I drink lots of water everyday- say, 4-5 liters a day.
  20. Prefers tea over Iced Americano coffee over any other drinks most of the time.

Updated.  04.07.17