Whatever, whenever

It’s been awhile. I have stopped slaving in the kitchen, so I am unsure what kind of content will I be sharing moving forward.

I have had some changes in my life and even my eating habits have changed. Darn, there goes my love for cooking korean dishes. The last dish that I have cooked lately was an omelette. Good ole omelette.

I did learn however that omelette’s are just as versatile as mash potatoes. If you can add more ingredients to a plain ole mash, you can certainly add more zing to your omelette by adding sausages, mushrooms and whichever vegetables you have in the fridge.

Photo by Kate Remmer on Unsplash

True enough, I have used a variety of protein in my omelette. Also tried adding different kind of cheeses to lift and give more life to my omelette. So I might be sharing different varieties of omelettes here, among other things.

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