Whenever I miss my Mom, I celebrate her life by cooking her recipes.  My Mom was known for her killer kare-kare, lengua estofado, corn beef from scratch and homemade sardines.  Amie as she was known to her friends like to

bake chiffon cakes, make biko and banana cakes. One of my fondest memories was helping her out in the kitchen.  Chopping vegetables (hence my awesome knife skills), sauteing the dish she is preparing — let’s just say I hanged around in the kitchen so much that I have absorbed and learned all her recipes and my children are testaments to my awesome cooking. All thanks to my Mom.

So, Pinatisang Manok is something I ate alot when I was a kid.  My Mom learned cooking from her own mother as well. I remembered eating Igado, Tinumis and Burong Mustasa cooked with eggs for breakfast.  Whoa, food does triggers alot of memories for me.

To make Pinatisang Manok, prepare the following:

chicken (whole) or 800 gms. chicken tenders
canola oil, 4 tbps.
ginger,  4-inches, julienned
garlic, 4 cloves, minced
white onion, 1 whole, sliced
green onions, 5 stalks, sliced (5 inches long) or
chili leaves, 1 bunch
Patis, 1/4 cup

  1. Heat up your pan.
  2. Add oil and saute garlic and ginger together
  3. Add onion
  4. Add chicken tenders
  5. Add patis and let it simmer in medium- low heat
  6. When the  patis is almost dried up, taste it and add a bit of water if its too salty.
  7. To finish add the chili leaves or onion leaves
  8. Serve with lots of rice!
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