For someone who putters alot in the kitchen, there are several ingredients that are always in my fridge and cupboard.  Here are some of them:

Gochujang-  Korean read chili paste (awesome for Korean style fried chicken recipes and a main ingredient in any Korean recipe)

Ssamjang- Korean seasoned bean paste (awesome for Korean soups and those ssam recipes)

Sesame Oil- if you want that awesome smell and taste. Use for soup, marinades and another mainstay in Korean recipes.

Canola Oil- best for frying and sauteing.

Del Monte Banana Catsup- has to be Del Monte.

Roasted Sesame Seeds- you can find these in alot of Korean groceries.

Fish Sauce- good ole’ patis!!!

Cinnamon-for those French Toasts that my kids love.


Rice Wine

Japanese Mayo- for tastier sandwiches, rolls and dips

Mustard- someone in the family eats her hotdogs with this.

Banana Extract- great for teas and barley drink

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