And so I received a huge pack of pearl barley or known to others as Jacob’s Tears from my broker/ friend, Mitch over Christmas.

There’s this Chinese restaurant at BGC that I used to frequent because of their barley drink.  Since barley is a mainstay in our diet, it is a pleasure receiving such staple from a friend.  Free is FREE. HA!

Anyway, here’s how I have been making my Barley Pearl  Drink at home.

1- In a pot, boil 8 li of water along with 1 1/2 cup of washed Barley Pearls using a strainer.

2- After it boils, lower the heat with the lid half open.

3- Keep it boiling for an hour and test the barley.  It should be chewy. Add half a cup of brown sugar and stir.  Let it boil for another 10 mins.

4- Add a pandan leaf and let cool.

5- Once it has cooled down, squeeze half a lemon into the mixture.

6- Put in containers and let it cool in the fridge.


I have just tried making the same barley drink using my trusty Philips rice cooker! It cuts down cooking time and you do not have to watch over your pot spilling all over your stove.

Just follow this quick no-brainer steps:

1- put 1 c. of barley pearls in rice cooker pot.

2- rinse  your barley pearls. Bits of husks will float. Make sure you throw that away along with the first rinse of water.

3- fill your rice cooker pot with water up to soup or congee level.  Use the level indicator inside the pot. Add your pandan leaf.

4- put in cooker and press Congee button and wait for it to cook.

5- cool down your barley mixture and put in a container.

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