My children asked me to stay clear from the usual Spaghetti or Pansit Sotanghon or my favorite all time Creamy Tuna Pasta. I asked what they wanted and one asked for Carbonara. It took awhile to find the easy to follow Carbonara recipe and I decided to try Jamie Oliver’s Classic Carbonara recipe.

I bought a pack of pricey pancetta from Rustans.  I was unable to find a good cut of parmesan cheese and decided to buy the Kraft’s all-grated parmesan.  Not too happy with that…  Moving on… Just like alot of Jamie’s recipes, this one was not hard to follow.  What is tricky was adding the egg mixture into the cooked pasta mixture.  You do not want overcooking or scrambling your egg mixture.  You need to alternately add the egg mixture with a bit of pasta water while tossing.

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