The wonders of Facebook never ceases.

I came across this survival guide by Ciara Baello a few hours ago via Astrid Dometita of GDG Cagayan de Oro. This survival guide is so timely, considering all the Manila traffic rants that I have been seeing and reading on Facebook and Twitter.

In my 39 years of existence, I have only taken the LRT four times as a kid and twice as an adult.  As an eight year old, the experience was nostalgic and quite memorable.  Years ago, while I was in Manila to attend the Wordcamp, I had to take the LRT from Pasay to Vito Cruz.  It was morning and a weekend, so the ride was quite comfortable.  The second time was quite memorable though– I had to take the the MRT from Magallanes to Kamuning.  I took MRT because I was late for a meeting with friends from UP and although I was not familiar with the train system in Manila, I had to brace it at 8pm because it was raining and I was extremely late and did not want people waiting for me.

I was ofcourse unprepared of the ride and was shocked to see how people had to squeeze in for the ride. Not only was it steamy hot in there, it was also smelly. Hahahaha. If you are squirmish about rubbing bodies with strangers and standing shotgun the entire time, then you just might not survive and get to your destination in one piece.

But before I digress, here is Ciara’s guide to surviving your 1st LRT and MRT ride.

About Ciara Baello:

Ciara describes herself on Facebook as “90% eh 10% wow ulam.” She is an artist whose works ranges from digital paintings to vectors to traditional art to mixed media to graphic designs. You may find and follow her on Twitter as @msciarab, akatsugay on Snapchat, ciarabaello on Instagram and uchihardon on Tumblr.

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