wet LG G3 in rice

So I did the laundry yesterday and made a huge booboo: I dropped my LG G3 in the tub filled with soapy water along with the bedsheet that I intended to soak.  I could not remember how long it was there until my daughter who decided to stick her foot into the tub to step on the laundry and she felt my phone with her foot. Damn.

I dropped on my knees and to find it.  Took it out from the soapy water and under the damn sheets and wiped it with my shirt. Tore open the cover to remove the battery, SIM card and SD card and ran to the laptop to quickly research on what to do using the keywords: “dropped lg g3 in water, how to fix”

Here are some of the most helpful articles that I have found through the course of my research:

I can confirm: Rice does heal water damaged cellphones

Looks like the LG G3 is water resistant

What to do when your phones gets wet

Research shows rice is the answer for a wet mobile

I quickly went through the search results and saw something about rice. Thinking I have nothing to lose at this time, I took a plastic container, filled it halfway with rice, dumped my G3 on it and covered the rest and tossed the cover in as well.

Wet LG G3 in rice

Wet LG G3 battery

Now the waiting game continues.

After 10 hours of reading through reddit and other forums about same situation remedies and suggestions, I decided that rice seems to have worked 80% of the time. I even read about how this guy managed to fix his Galaxy Note using guess what, isopropyl alcohol.  I thought ok, if the rice does not fix it, I will try this remedy next.

After almost 24 hours, I was unable to restrain myself and I dug out my G3 from my rice container and put everything together. Without expecting anything, I touched power button to fire it up and viola, the welcoming LG G3 logo came to life.


I noticed some water in the bottom area of the screen and phone started buzzing in as my notifications came in. YEY!

Since most of the suggestions that I have read suggested keeping the phone in the rice for 72 hours (3 days), I decided to dump it back into the rice for it to absorb the rest of the moisture out.


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