banana fritters

There are many recipes for banana fritters.  I have tried several but none of them was perfect until I learned this one through Phoa, my Lao maid.  This recipe will make crunchy banana fritters.

The recipe is simple and straightforward– 1:1

    1. Heat 2 c. of canola oil.
    2. Prepare your batter and bananas while waiting for your oil to heat up.
    3. For every 1 c. of flour, add 1 c. of water
    4. Mix then dip your sliced bananas.
    5. Once your oil in pan is hot enough, drop the bananas one at a time. Do not put too much bananas in the pan. Make sure its not crowded.
    6. Once the bananas are brown in the edge, remove from pan and put in plate which is lined with oil absorbing tissue.

Best served with powdered sugar on top.

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