Who doesn’t love french toast?  French toast is one of the first dishes taught to me by a good friend so many years ago. It is simple to make and I have perfected my own variation of french toast recently and my children enjoy it every now and then.  It is great for breakfast with or without maple syrup or honey.

The secret is with the bread as I always say.  White, thick and evenly sliced bread is perfect. As for the branded breads I have successfully tried it with Gardenia, vJANDEP and Mercedes Breads.  There is this bread sold at Rustan’s Fresh called PCF or something that is good too. The trick is finding that bread that is strong enough to absorb your mixture but does not disintegrate.  Another is finding that good pan or grill that will be used to cook your delicious slices of bread.

For the mixture: (good for one loaf of bread)

Eggs, 3 beaten
Milk, 1 c
Brown Sugar
Cinnamon Powder
Vanilla, optional

  1. Slightly beat your eggs and add milk. While beating your eggs, heat up your pan or grill. I like using a grill to achieve that awesome grill lines and crunch that is impossible to get with an ordinary pan.
  2. Add brown sugar and taste your mixture as you go. I personally do not like overly sweet french toasts, and I like using brown sugar instead of white sugar.
  3. Add cinnamon powder for that ultimate cinnamon flavor and awesome smell that comes with french toasts.
  4. Brush your warm grill with butter.  I like brushing my grill instead of just adding a pat or two of butter. Brushing the butter will evenly distribute the butter to your grill.
  5. Soak 2 or 4 slices of your bread in the mixture and grill. Do not soak your bread too long or you will achieve a soggy toast.
  6. Serve the toasts with or without drizzled honey or maple syrup.
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