Whether you are buying items from the US via the internet or you have someone buying items for you, the challenges of receiving them in the Philippines will prove to be daunting.

Several years ago, I have bought some clothes for my children via Landsend (total cost of clothing bought was less than $200), I decided to get the expedited shipping which I discovered was done through Fedex.  Guess how much Customs charged me?  More than PhP6,000.  I was disgusted, and wary but decided to pay up.  It was hard to pay that much for clothing that did not even cost much.

Next attempt was via DHL.  I bought several books via Amazon.com and decided to use expedited shipping once more because I needed the books for work.  The books were less than $40 in all and the shipping cost via Amazon cost me more than $35, thinking that I will not be charged by Customs again.  WRONG. So DEAD WRONG.  I was charged more than P2,000.

I have also tried EMS but since EMS works with the local postal service, delays are inevitable.  But one good thing about receiving packages via EMS, there is very little service charge upon claiming of packages.  The most that I have paid via EMS was P40.00 and the worth of the package ranged from $40-80.

So how do you receive packages via Johnny Air Cargo?  Its very easy:

1-  You need to decide which Johnny Air Cargo in the US is going to facilitate your order.  Johnny Air Cargo have 2 offices in the US: New York and San Francisco.

2- Upon checkout, whichever online store in the US you are buying, you need to use Johnny Air Cargo’s New York or San Francisco address as your delivery address.  This is really cool because you will only be charged for domestic shipping rates in whichever online store you are in.

So your delivery should be:




YOUR NAME/ Analyn Diego- CGY (CGY- Cagayan de Oro)
6904 Roosevelt Ave.,
Woodside, New York 11377-2934

YOUR NAME/ Harry Jules Banzon- CGY (CGY- Cagayan de Oro)

55 Saint Francis Sq.,
Daly City, CA 94015
3- Notify the Johnny Air Office that you are expecting an order from x – Store.  Include tracking details along with your email to Johnny Air office in case your package goes missing.

4- Upon receiving your package, someone from the office will notify you via email detailing the departure of your package from the US and when to expect it in your city.  They will also inform you of the service charge which will depend on the weight of the items.

Now, isn’t this just nifty!  I have been using Johnny Air Cargo’s services for 2 years now.  So far, all my items came intact and untampered. I have ordered clothes, books, gadgets and shoes online and they were all sent to me via Johnny Air.

For more details, check out or visit the nearest Johnny Air Cargo office in your city.

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