One of my frustrations as a Social Media person is the limitations of Google native applications for the BlackBerry.  It is sad enough that Google has killed support for Gmail for BlackBerry last year, and with the rising users for Google +, I have been long waiting for a native Google + application for BlackBerry.

Well the wait is almost OVER!  Upon reading this article via Crackberry, I quickly went over to BlackBerry App World to download App for Google +.  Installation to my Blackberry 9900 (OS7) was swift.

Took me awhile to login to my Google + account though.  But if you have activated several security measures on your Google account, you will have to add Google + to your authorized application and sites.  This means, your Gmail password will not work.  Just head over to your Google Accounts section and add whichever application you wish to authorize and use the generated password– no sweat.

After my Blackberry had the systems reboot, and I managed to login using the Google account generated password, I was able to post an image to my Google + stream which was really, really cool and swift.  I can also view my various streams, edit my Circles (I have over 10 Cirlces) as well as update my posts.  Although the app is still on Beta, I am excited to get the rest of the features like Messaging– just for the sake of testing because the BlackBerry has GTalk and it works well on my BlackBerry.

App for Google + is developed by Smarter Apps.

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