Since I did a major factory reset on my work PC, I lost my Tweetdeck and Seesmic.  I have been switching back and forth between these two fantastic Twitter desktop applications for Windows.  Since I tweet mainly using my Blackberry, I only use my desktop Twitter application when my mobile is dead and charging, but I truly steer clear from Twitter desktop applications because I find it obtrusive.  Put those babies on and say goodbye to work.  You know what I mean.

Enter A.Plus, another Twitter desktop application recently launched by movie star-producer-Twitter-icon Ashton Kutcher with Ubermedia. Kutcher is already one of the more popular celebrities on Twitter — beating out CNN as the first to reach 1 million followers on the service — and a high-profile investor in the California tech industry. The app is free and currently available only on PCs, not tablets or smartphones. Pasadena-based UberMedia, which is known which making UberSocial, Twiddroyd and Echofon, built the app to Kutcher’s specifications.

So how do I like A.Plus? If you want preview the websites, images and videos within one application, this is the way to go.  Its like Rockmelt, but with access to your Twitter timeline and whatever list you want to track.  Not bad.  But I want to be able to login to multiple Twitter accounts.  I tried using A.Plus for one day, doing some work on the side using Live Preview.  Not bad.  You can collapse the columns so it’ll be less obtrusive.  Not bad.

So will I stick to A.Plus?  For now, yes.  I use Co-Tweet to manage my multiple Twitter accounts anyway.  But for my own Twitter pleasure on my desktop, A.Plus is great for now since I believe that Tweetdeck will have more features coming up eversince Tweetdeck was acquired by Twitter.

To download A.Plus:

To get Tweetdeck:

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