Eversince I got the BlackBerry Torch from my employer, I have been busy learning how to work around RIM’s technology. So far, one of the best feature of the BlackBerry is its push email whether you have gmail, or yahoo or your corporate email– setting up is a breeze.  Since the BlackBerry Torch is the bearer of RIM’s latest OS 6.0, the initial set up was pretty easy.  I was apprehensive at first since this is my first BlackBerry but after reading Globe Telecom’s FAQ on BB Social and Messaging on Facebook, I was able to prepare the necessary load to first launch my BlackBerry.

So being an online worker the need to be connected is more than necessity.  Here are my top BlackBerry Applications on my BlackBerry Torch.

1.  WordPress on BlackBerry–  if you have some websites to keep tabs on, then thank God that WordPress has a BlackBerry app.  I have tried posting a test post days ago, and it went without a hitch.  You can post articles, pictures and even video straight from your BlackBerry to your WordPress Blog.  Cost:  FREE

2.  Kompass–  if you use Basecamp to collaborate with your team members, you can use Kompass to access your Basecamp account.  Although you can access Basecamp via mobile browser, Kompass has better interface in my opinion.  You can assign tasks, check milestones, and add comments easily.  Cost:  FREE

3.  Evernote for BlackBerry– from notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as everything instantly synchronizes from your BlackBerry to the Web to your Mac or Windows desktop.  Nifty!  Cost:  FREE

4.  Paypal for BlackBerry–  access, receive Paypal payments quickly.  You can easily send Paypal to Paypal payments to friends, or relatives.  Cost:  FREE

5.  Lister–  if you need a quick and simple list manager for your BlackBerry, then Lister would be more than ok.   You can tick items, add more categories and even tag items.  Cost:  FREE

6.  Dropbox for BlackBerry–  send and access your files on dropbox from your BlackBerry!  Although I do not use this application since the ability to access my dropbox files via mobile browser is available.  Sending files to my public folder via email is also possible.  Cost:  FREE

7.  Yousendit Tracker for BlackBerry–  if you are a huge Yousendit user, then you can track your files and send files from your BlackBerry to anyone via Yousendit.  Cost: FREE

8.  Expensify for BlackBerry– keep track of credit card expenses via Expensify.com.  Be able to Add expense using your BlackBerry or even upload a receipt by taking an image of your receipt.    Your receipt will be uploaded to your online expensify account!  You can send your receipts via email as well.  Cost:  FREE

There are more than 4,000 of both free and paid applications in the BlackBerry App World.  Make sure you read the reviews before installing any application. I would suggest using RIM-native applications on your BlackBerry.

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