I have been admiring the smartphones by Research in Motion (RIM). Research In Motion (RIM) is the company behind the innovative and award-winning BlackBerry product line. The BlackBerry family includes best-in-class smartphones and software offerings, as well as the all new BlackBerry PlayBook, the world’s first professional tablet.

I have used several smartphones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson before, including PDAs like Palm Treo and one by O2.   I have always admired the iPhone and I consider its exorbitant  price silly and it made me reconsider getting another Nokia or a BlackBerry.

Being on Twitter everyday, I noticed that  alot of the hardcore Twitter people are using BlackBerry.  I checked and found out that the Blackberry has a robust system and has integrated email and social media function in one phone which comes in handy for people like me who works online and needs to be online all the time.   I have read several complaints about the BlackBerry Torch — touch screen glitches, etc.  But I believe that the strength of the Blackberry is its hardware and the push email feature which was a breeze to set up.  Not only that, the BlackBerry OS 6 is spankier and truly made for the best touch screen phone from RIM.

The Apps that kicks ass on the BlackBerry:

1.  Twitter for BlackBerry- comes preinstalled.  It is fast and easy to use.  Coming from a Nokia User and who loves Gravity– a Twitter, Facebook paid application for Nokia, the Twitter app for Blackberry comes a tad short.  I miss Gravity’s Google Reader integration, but heck, the BlackBerry 6 comes with

2. Social Feeds-  brings together Facebook, Twitter, and BBM into a single feed and lets you post to as many of them at once as you like.

3. Kickass BBM- one of the best way to communicate! Better than text messaging and since its powered by BIS, it is efficient and fast. Share pictures, send messages IM-like.

4.  App World- this is by far spiffier than Nokia’s silly Ovi Store. Everything is fast via the app world, paid and free app in one place. Payment facility included! I have added my Paypal account here so I can easily buy applications that I liked. So far I have bought PatternLock and Extra Smiley.

5.  Foursquare for BlackBerry- rocks.  Easy check-in and fast location search.  Simply marvelous.

6.  Facebook for BlackBerry- easy photo upload and notifications integrated via Social Feeds.

7. Pattern Lock–  cost $2.99 from App World.  The application provides you with a new and wonderful way of locking your device. Once the screen is locked, your screen is going to show shows 9 dots in 3 x 3 grids.

8.  My PIN Barcode for BBM- now no need to memorize that nasty BBM PIN.  Download this free app and flash your BBM PIN by scanning it using your BB Torch.  Sweet!

I got my Blackberry  Torch from EbuyStore.com.ph.  Ordering online was quick.  I made the order online, paid the device through bank deposit and it was delivered the next day via Air 21/Fedex.  Lovely!  Talk about great and fast service.

So I now do everything with my BlackBerry.  I even listen to my favorite podcast via my Podcast application.  Taking shots, making calls and making notes, receiving and sending emails is a breeze.  Calls are crystal clear.  With the Pattern Lock installed, there is no danger of butt calling.  With Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and GetGlue, I am so into my BB!  Add me on BBM!



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