My work station runs on Windows 7.  Its high on RAM and I even bought a separate HP Pocket Media Drive– something I bought from Amazon months ago for storage.  After my old PC crashed and died on me, I got myself this baby and has been working well until now.

My love for Mac products started after I got my first MacBook.  It was surreal.  The smell, the spiffy applications was refreshing. Going around each application is like a breath of fresh air, not to mention the almost fool proof and scare free computing compared to virus prone Windows.  I thought this kind of relief is only experienced by Mac users, but I was wrong.  Linux users enjoy the very same scare free environment.

Having Twitter friends who are Ubuntu users made the installation of Ubuntu using Sun Virtual Box easier than ever.  Having  heard Malloy rave on the advantages of running Linux, I became more interested and convinced to try out Ubuntu by installing Sun Virtual Box on my Windows 7.

So this is very easy:

1) Download the latest Ubuntu here.

2) Download and install Sun Virtual box.

3) Run Sun Virtual Box and load Ubuntu and install.

Easy as 1-2-3 believe me!

Enjoy the same applications you love with lesser pain, more speed and more secure than virus-plagued Windows.  Ubuntu comes pre-installed with great applications for music and video streaming.  It comes with GIMP, Open Office and so much more!  Try it out and see for yourself!

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