When I went to Manila for the Wordcamp Philippines, I decided to meet up with my friends from UP-ORG.  I have not seen most of them since 1997.  Anyways, because of Facebook and text messaging, we all managed to converge and we decided to meet at 77 Bar Cafe Resto in Kamuning.

The trip from Cagayan de Oro was swift.  I arrived at the Kabayan Hotel at 6pm and after a swift check in, I unpacked my things and decided that the best mode of transport from Pasay to Cubao is my MRT.  I cringed.  Its funny how I have lived in Manila for many years, not counting the 4 years in UP…  I never had the chance to take the MRT.

After surveying my room and was fully satisfied, I logged into the internet to check the location of the venue before leaving.  Apprehensive of the MRT ride, I decided the earlier I leave Pasay the better– then it rained.  🙁  In Manila as you all know, rain means traffic and possible flood.  Since I only have an hour to get to Cubao, not to mention that its rush hour, I decided to head for the EDSA MRT station which was only a few steps from Kabayan.

I rode the train and my worst fear manifested.  The train was full to the brim.  Commuters squished together like sardines- head to foot almost.  🙁  I allowed 2 trains to pass but as rain continue to pour and judging by the bumper to bumper traffic below me, I really did not have alot of choice.  So I bravely hopped in.

Connie and Maricel

Upon getting off EDSA-Kamuning, I decided to walk all the way to find the next landmark-  Petron Station.  I arrived there at around 8pm and was disappointed to find that none of my friends made it on time.  🙁  Surprisingly, 77 Bar lived to its promise.  The 2 storey house was beautifully lighted on muted tones.  Upon entering, I was greeted by a waiter who took me to the second floor when I asked him I was looking for my friends.  The interior was made of antique wood.  The interior setting looked like someone’s house.  There were sofas and day beds on every corner.  Middle part of the place were glass topped tables for 4.  There was also a another bar on the second floor.

A clean looking lean waiter approached and handed me the menu.  I ordered a margarita and cheese sticks for starters.  Iced cold margarita came and I started calling my friends.  Cel finally arrived.  We were talking about what happened after college when Mike and Citos came.  We decided to move in the covered second floor veranda since they have a huge L shaped sofa there.  We all ordered iced cold beer and pizza.

Then Joy and Connie came in and we ordered more drinks and pika-pika.

We all chatted just like way back in 1993 when we all met and joined UP-Outdoors.  Its funny how we allow years to pass without reconnecting with people who have helped form us.  Back when we were 17 and 18, things were simpler.  UP-Dorm-UP– my route for 4 years.  We reminisced about the old times.  About how much we missed the climbs and the most memorable moments of each trek.  Would you believe I used to climb almost every weekend?


Bottomline, I miss climbing and the happiness it brings.

Melt in your mouth Cheese Sticks


If you need a cozy place to hang, you must try and hit Kamuning.  The place is easy to find, its beside Petron.  For the map of the place, click here.

77 Bar Cafe Resto

51 Kamuning Road,

Cubao, Quezon City


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