I came across this article from Spot.ph and reading it reminded me of my favorite band so many years ago.  Wolfgang.  Back when everybody was into Eraserheads and Rivermaya, I was totally into Basti Artadi, Manuel Legarda and Mon Legaspi.  It was not the coño look, but the long and curly tresses and the unique voice that a few local band has. That long hair’s gone now. Basti is now sporting a clean short cut.

So whatever happened to Wolfgang? Well, they seem to have come back.  Unfortunately, since I am no longer in Manila, I have not heard much about them apart from what I get from the Wolfgang’s Official Facebook Page.  I searched Youtube for their video and found something I have never seen nor heard– Wolfgang with the UP Singing Ambassadors.  How cool is that?

To those who crave heavy metal and the dark tunes of Wolfgang, check the video below:

Back when I was still in the university, I wrote the group and received a reply from Manuel Legarda. I was still hanging in UP, particularly at Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall when I got the letter. What amazed me was it was handwritten and I was so ecstatic and I even bragged about it and shown off Manuel’s response. I wish I got to keep the letter. I hardly remember what was on it, but what made the letter important to me during that time was the fact that Manuel took the time to write back. It made me believe that Wolfgang actually take the time to read the letters they receive from fans like me. Not only do they read them, but they actually take the time to write back. No wonder the band is still around! Rock on guys!

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