Eversince I started working online, I try to stay away from my work PC for at least two hours a day.  Apart from the fear of getting carpal tunnel syndrome, my eyesight is beginning to wane and lets face it, as we live in the internet age, everything just seem possible online.  You name it, shopping, banking, connecting with friends and VOIP.

Sometimes, my body screams foul and although I have promised to stay connected in case of emergencies, I never turn off the PC and Yahoo just in case.  So what do I like to do besides sitting on my comfy leather high back chair?  I like reading and watching movies.  🙂

Its been awhile since I read a book for pleasure.  I love mysteries and legal fiction.  When I have extra cash, I like hanging around BookSale to look for Kellerman, Crighton, Patterson and Scottoline novels.  BookSale is convenient.  It is full of books from all genre.  Cheaper than buying new from National Bookstore.  Books are almost good as new!  And cheaper…

For this week I bought myself James Patterson’s Beach Road and Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottoline.  It takes me one day to read a 350 page paperback.  Not bad.  But when I have work, I read my novel between breaks and before going to sleep.

To me, reading is one of the ways I can relax.  I like reading my books in bed. I also tend to take my book inside loo and tends to read while seated on the crapper.  Who doesn’t read while in the bathroom?

So, my friends, what books do you like to read?  Anything interesting?

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