I have had my share of movie stars sighting.  One thing an entertainer can expect from me– I would never sneak in to take their photos or mob them while they are shopping or eating.  I remembered shopping in a Benetton outlet in Manila when I noticed a woman huddled in the corner.  She was wearing a scarf and being cornered by 3 people.  It was Ai Ai delas Alas.  Poor Ai Ai was trying to run away from the mob. 🙁

I worked for a huge firm long time ago, and was given opportunities to dine with movie stars side by side.  Given the rare opportunity to meet and talk to them in person has given me one conclusion, I feel sorry for them because they do not have privacy and can never enjoy the little joys us non-showbiz entities enjoy.

Aga Mulach, Charlene Gonzales and Jolina Magdangal once went to Bago City to perform the play Jose Rizal.  I was one of the entourage, and I saw how hard it must be to be a star.  It took 45 minutes for Jolina to get to the door. The mob has blocked all doors and we had trouble getting her inside the darn place.  On the way inside the poor girl was groped, hair pulled, pinched, screamed and squealed at.  She tried to appear like the mob did not bother her, but I guess the fear of disapproval and disdain of fans has kept her from frowning and screaming back at them to give her space stopped her.  She continued to smile setting aside her discomfort. Once in her dressing area, she crumbled and it was obvious that she was tired and frazzled.  I cannot imagine living her life every single day.

After the said play, I escorted the stars and stayed with them at the host’s residence while they eat dinner.  As part of the people on the same dining table, I tried steering the conversation away from their usual life.  Jolina and I talked about her days in UP.  I was happy I managed to find something ELSE to talk with her.

One time, I escorted Sunshine Cruz and Gabby Eigenman out of the airport in Bacolod.  I went to speak to the Head of the airport facilities to request for a separate exit for the stars.  It was hard getting her out of the place.  The airport management asked to take photos and I in turn asked her if its ok.  I guess as someone used to the hoola baloo, she said ok, but I can see the poor girl was tired and needed space.  But did the fans notice?  I guess not.  They all wanted a piece of her.  🙁

Honestly, I rarely watch Tagalog movies.  But I know what is going on since I have a trusty RSS reader.  And just recently, I have seen the movie Love Me Again via Torrent, and I noticed Sam Milby.  I have never seen this guy before, but I know he is a good actor judging from his movies.  After watching this movie, I decided to look for more of his movies online and decided he was good.  This was when I found out that he was supposedly seeing Marie Digby.  I decided to check out Marie out of curiosity and found Marie’s site and Twitter site.  I decided to follow her and Sam and noticed today that her twitter stream was full of inquiries from fans asking her if she (Marie) went to Boracay with what’s his name– Sam.  I would never have said anything to her via Twitter, but @danicaneri started flooding Marie’s stream with:  “is it true that you’ve been to Boracay with Sam Milby? is he courting you? hope you’ll answer this. i’m just curious…” That was not the only Sam related comments on her twitter.  I decided to check Marie on Youtube to watch her rendition of Umbrella and saw the comments there as well.  All the new comments were about Sam Milby and their supposed date in Boracay.


Is there such a thing as privacy in show businesses?  Some actually believe that people at the entertainment industry are public property.  Huwhatt?  I remembered bumping into some movie star trying to do her groceries and fans were busy peering into her cart and touching her hair.  It was horrible.

So, I could not help it so I voiced my disdain on Twitter:

To which @mariedigby responded:

Once, at Italianni’s Joyce Jimenez, we live in the same condo, was spending some time with some girlfriends when on the other table, another girl was busy snapping photos using her mobile phone.  One time, Joyce was also in the same elevator with me, and my maid was trying to get her attention and was about to sneak a shot of her using her mobile phone when I stopped her.  Joyce at that time was not even looking up.  She was looking at the toe of her shoe trying her best not to catch anyone’s attention.

Its no wonder movie stars sneaks into resorts and restaurants like thieves to avoid the scrutiny of the public.  Some are even referred to as arrogant or snobs for trying to ignore the fans and the crowd.  I cannot imagine the life these people live everyday.  I remembered Jolina going to UP for a semester and even in UP, people were hooting and calling her names on the corridors every single fucking day!  How do you expect to study and concentrate when people constantly badger you every single fucking day?  How do you enjoy a meal without having to deal with requests for autographs and photos every time?  I cannot imagine.

Anyway, I believe all of us has to learn to respect other people’s boundaries.  Entertainers are NOT public properties.  We have no right to badger them for answers just as YOU are not obligated to tell everyone about every bit of YOUR life.  Some would say that movie stars owe their stardom to their fans, but come on!  We do not own them and they do not OWE their fans any explanation of what they decide to do and with whom.  To some overzealous fan, get a life!

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