I have a Nokia E72.  Inasmuch as I loved everything Apple, I decided to buy a Nokia since it is more practical (easier to use) and yes,  economical (its way cheaper than drool-worthy iPhone).  Compared to Sony Ericcsson, Nokia phones have easier navigation features.  Its almost like Windows and its easy to remember each functionality.

So when I lost that Nokia E63, I went for the Nokia E72 and did not regret the purchase. I use it often now because of the brownouts, to keep tabs on my email and sometimes, when it becomes too boring, I like peeking into Facebook and Twitter. lol

So here is a list of my favorite Symbian applications:

1. Gravity– I like Twitter and although I am not a heavy user, I like the fact that I can add multiple twitter accounts in one application. At the same time, I can follow and search for other users quite easily. However, Gravity is not free.  This great application costs $9.95.

2. Skype for Mobile–  Who doesn’t use Skype?  I like using Skype on mobile by tapping on my own wifi connection.  It is convenient when I am not close to my desk and I seldom miss conference calls at all.  Skype for Mobile is FREE.

3. Facebook for S60–  Next to Gravity, I like keeping tabs on my friends via Facebook.  Gone are the Friendster days, and I am more or less into Facebook now since most of my friends are living all across the globe.  Facebook Mobile is FREE.  And yes, thanks to wifi connection at home, I can go around the house without missing shoutouts.

4. Bloove– this is a very useful application!  You can download the Bloove agent and backup all your important SMS messages and contacts.  It is FREE, however, they have a premium version which I have not subscribe to since I have no need for their premium service.  The free service serves its purpose and I like to backup my phone at least once a month.

5. Nimbuzz– if you are a social networking addict, then you need Nimbuzz application on your phone!  With Nimbuzz you can connect to various Instant Messaging Networks using one nifty application.  Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and AIM you name it, they have it!  I used to like Nimbuzz alot but I found out that it fcuks up my Yahoo and after using Nimbuzz, using Yahoo IM on my PC becomes impossible.  For some reason, I get locked out of my account for a few hours.  Weird.  But if you needed one application for everything, boy Nimbuzz is just great.  And yes, Nimbuzz is FREE!

Are you using a Nokia smartphone?  I am currently looking for an application for Symbian that can track expenses, etc.  I would love to get my hands on a superb task management application for Symbian.  Any suggestions?

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