As a webworker, I use alot of online applications.  There are a myriad of collaboration tools out there, and here is a list of those I use every single day.

1) Gmail.  Who can live without gmail?  Gmail is quite convenient.  I have one catch-all account.  I have countless email accounts!   Believe me, if I would take the time to check each one of them, I’d end up wasting alot of time and yes- money.  So, I have made one gmail account as my catch all.  I also use gmail’s filtering and labeling feature to segregate my emails.

2) Dropbox.  I keep alot of files.  Work files, personal files, children files, medical files, legal files, you name it, I have it.  So having an online storage system is very important to me.  This allows me to unclutter my PC, as well as ease of access because I have 2 PCs, a laptop and a mobile phone at home.  Having DropBox enables me to share and move files from one end to the other.  This allows me to share folders with other coworkers easily.  And did I mention that its free?

3) Google Docs.  This application is so versatile, I use this to share and collaborate with my coworkers and clients.  I use Google Docs for ease and access.  Almost all my active work files are conveniently saved in Google Docs.

4) Google Notebook.  So sad that Google has stopped developing this great collaboration tool.  Just like Google Docs, Google Notebook allows you to share Notebooks with other collaborators.  You can browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location that’s accessible from any computer.  I continue to use this for compilation purposes.

4) Jing.  I use Jing everyday.  This application allows me to quickly create screenshots.  I can quickly annotate any webpage using Jing.  Below is a screenshot desktop.  Cool ha? I also use Jing to create quick tutorials for internet challenged clients.

5) Yahoo Messenger and Skype –  Self explanatory.  I use Yahoo Messenger and Skype for work.  At a cost of $30/year,   I also have an online US number which enables me to call and receive calls from the US.

6) Firefox– My love for Firefox has not waned.  I use Firefox everyday and never use IE unless it is necessary.  I use alot of Firefox add-ons and most of them I use everyday.  Firefox continue to dominate the browser arena.  I also use Google Chrome from time to time.

Here is a list of my favorite Firefox Add-ons:

GButts. This is a nifty add-on by Soeren Rinne.  This add-on is a must for those who use Google services alot.  Upon installation, you can easily jump from one Google service to the next.  It is also non-intrusive and sits neatly on your toolbar. In case you run into some glitch with GButts, which is rare, you may contact Soeren and he’ll quickly help you sort it out. Thanks to Soeren for helping me with my GButts years ago.

SEO Quake– Since I started learning SEM last year, SEO Quake is almost on at all times in my Firefox.  SEO Quake allows me to view and track our website’s ranking from various SEO parameters.

TwitterBar– I am not as active on Twitter now.  But its good to be able to share links and post one liners just by typing on Firefox’s address bar.– Do you constantly wish you have a quick notepad access on Firefox? is a research project from the Haystack Group at MIT CSAIL.  What is great about is that you can sync your notes from one installation to another.

Persona– I love dressing up my Firefox.  Currently, its wearing WordPress Inkwell from  Really funky!

Fox Clocks–  This allows me to display more than one local times around the world.

ScrapBook– This Firefox extension, is great when doing research.  It helps you to save Web pages  quickly as well as add annotations and other notes.

ColorPicker– this is helpful in determining the color of any webpage.

Stylish–   this addon allows you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook and YouTube.  However, I use Stylish for SEO work.  After installing Stylish, I have installed the NoDoFollow addon.

OnlyWire– this great addon allows me to submit content to over 30 social networking sites with one button click. Great with article marketing and bookmarking purposes.

There are so many online applications available to make collaboration easier. There are literally thousands of great Firefox addons to date.

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