After I lost my trusty Nokia E63, I thought what the heck, this could be the time to get an iPhone! But alas, the darn thing cost an arm and a leg, and after my horrendous experience with Globe Telecoms, there is no way I am getting an iPhone with a postpaid subscription.

For one, postpaid subscriptions are great for heavy mobile users.  Not me.  Right now, I can go as much as P500 only per month on prepaid loads.  When I ran out of load, I use my Skype credit since its quite cheap with Skype.  Secondly, I hate thinking of the exclusive tie up that goes with postpaid subscriptions.  2 year tie up is way too much, too long, and in the long run– expensive.

Since Globe is the exclusive distributor of iPhone, well, I needed to let go of my crazy I love everything about Apple mentality.  Another choice is hitting Smart.  They have the Blackberry.  Not as hot as the iPhone, but I have heard alot of raves about it.

Anywhooo, I needed to consider cost as well. 🙁  Sad to say, mobile phones is not in the budget.  So I needed to check out other mobile phones, and making a shortlist was not hard at all.  Nokia or Sony Ericsson.  Had both mobile in the past, both lasted years!  So it all came down to budget.  Heck I refuse to spend more than 20k for a mobile phone…

So, I ended up buying another Nokia– this time, a Nokia E72.  Looks like my E63, but better… its faster, and it look snazzier than the 63.  Not bad at all.  Let’s hope this thing will last for at least 2 years!

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