Nokia E63

I lost my mobile phone the other day. It was a Nokia E63 which started to grow on me. It was a pretty nifty phone and I have wifi connection at home which made me online on Yahoo, Facebook and Skype via an application Nimbuzz. Login to Twitter 24/7 via Gravity. Darn I paid $9 for that application…. It also made checking of Gmail convenient– all these under wifi connection at home.

The kids and I were doing our Christmas shopping and we took the usual route home on a cab. Like clockwork, we went off and when I got to the door, I rummaged through my bag and to check my mobile so I can turn the wifi connection on to check my email. Since I was unable to find it, I went to the PC to check my mail while continuing to look for it. Step two, when I cannot find my phone, I use Skype to ring my mobile so I can locate it. This has worked wonders as my mobile usually end up under the bed, on the pantry in the kitchen, etc.

This time I did hear the usual ring tone, but was happy to hear the dial tone via Skype, when I realize I left the phone in the cab. Blast. I prayed that the cab driver will return my phone. Long shot really with the Christmas season just around the corner. Anyone can make use and sell that phone for 10K easily. I am really toast.

I rang my mobile again and this time, no dial tone. Just the “out of coverage area” message. With my heart sinking, I knew I have really lost my mobile.

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