Anyway, on the way back to CDO from Boracay, our flight from Kalibo to Cebu was delayed for over 2 hours. Because it was delayed, we totally missed our connecting flight from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro. The weather was bad apparently in Cagayan de Oro, and after a long wait in Kalibo, we finally left for Cebu only to find out that since our travel tickets were a promotional one, I needed to buy our tickets to CDO since we missed our flight earlier. I argued that we missed our flight because Cebu Pacific‘s flight was late. Was it our fault that the weather went bad to worse?

To cut the chase, the damn Cebu Pacific personnel, informed me that our flight to CDO was not the actual connecting flight to CDO. Wahaaat??? I almost scalped him… Then he explained that if we had purchased the connecting flight Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, we would have been scheduled to leave Cebu later in the afternoon and not aboard the earlier flight which we missed. Anyway, to make it even worse, Cebu Pacific insisted that I cannot rebook our tickets because rebooking is only allowed a day before the day of flight. He showed me the terms and conditions on our tickets, and I quietly asked after a long sigh…”Ok, how much?” He rattled and punched in several numbers on his calculator and after 15 seconds, he gave me the figure, “P14,090., Maám…”

Waaahat??? I quickly thought of our options: 1) take the ship 2) or just pay for the ticket and go home.  Remember, guys, I am traveling with 4 children!  I cannot afford to hang around the airport any longer!  So I went to the nearest ATM and paid Cebu Pacific (dirty finger!)

Happy with my new schedule and armed with another ticket, we went to check in our stuff and waited for our flight THEN another bad news… the storm turned up a notch and ALL flights to Northern Mindanao got canceled… Talk about super bad luck…  Along with other passengers, we went to the nearest Cebu Pacific personnel to ask if the passengers are booked someplace since our flight was canceled and the next flight out is the NEXT day.  And to my disgust, they said Cebu Pacific will only shoulder lodging if the flight is canceled due to plane malfunction or something, and since the problem is the weather, then Cebu Pacific is not liable nor obliged to book all of us…ARGGGHHH…

After spending P14,000 for tickets, I simply refuse to spend more…  Our next flight was scheduled very early in the morning– which was only 6 hours away.  I looked around the departure area. My kids were all busy playing and running around the airport.  Ok there were tons of stranded passengers and I silently cursed Cebu Pacific.  After 2 years of travel hiatus, Cebu Pacific really did it this time… I promise… I will never travel with Cebu Pacific again!  Why?  Simple.  Customer service is bad and yes, They SUCK!

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