My family and I love to travel.  When I was still together with my husband, we used to go around during weekends and when there are longer breaks, we used to go to Cebu, Palawan and other nearby resorts with the kids.  Although money has not been an issue before, we always skip going to Boracay.  Our reason then was its too touristy and crowded.  Who would want to hang around in a place crawling with people???

Anyway, my sister, along with her husband and family decided to come to Boracay for a week.  Since I could not afford to shell out thousands for the airfare and accommodation, she offered to pay our way.  So, who cares about the crowd?  Its a free trip and I have not seen my sister for over 2  years, what the heck…

Sunny Boracay

So, my sister booked us at the Residencia Boracay, a small hotel near my sister’s posh, Fridays Boracay.  Since I could not take a long week off and the children have school, we decided to stay 4 days in Boracay.  And did I regret it?  Course not… Boracay is a beautiful island.  The sand is powdery white.  The beach is calm and flat, and very safe for children to swim and wade.  Not only that, we went there when it was off season. It was not crowded at all.  So different from the usual Boracay videos that I found on Youtube.

My children– the water babies… love Boracay.  They stayed in the water from 6am til 6pm.  The beach did not have big swells and the children were pretty happy wading in and out with their cousins.

The Residencia Boracay was ok.  Our room was clean, and the sheets were good.  The only problem was to the dismay of my sister who paid for the rooms was that the photos from the site did not match the units.  ROFL.. what the??

Anyway, since we were there already and she had paid for the reservation fee, I told her the hotel will have to do.  It was not very roomy, but who wants to stay in the hotel when the beach is so wonderful???

Once I arrived, I checked out the internet connectivity of the hotel and touched base with my clients.  What was not so good was the wifi strength on the beachfront waned and the connection was intermittent.  Blast…  I was not too happy about that.  I tried to work as quickly as I can in order to catch up with the kids who were all busy wading.  The little one, Sophie was busy digging the white sand with Tyrell.

My sister hardly changed at all.  Except for a few finelines, and smaller waist line, she was a sight for sore eyes…  Two piece swimsuit… My golly… She was lean and tan.  Hayyy…  I was so happy to see her.  We were hugging and giggling like 2 school girls.  Our children were all getting to know each other once again and it was a blast.

So, what is so freaking great about Boracay?

1- its the beach.

2- if you hate the crowd, stay off Boracay during peak season.  Or if you like to party, but wanted some peace and privacy during the night, opt to stay in a hotel in Station 3.

3- anybody can afford to go to Boracay.  There are so  many hotels, hostels, resorts with promo packages.    If you cannot afford to take the plane— if Cebu Pacific’s fare is still high for you, take the ship.  I heard Aboitiz have a regular route to Caticlan.

4- if you are traveling with children, take alot of food, water and swimwear.  They will be out the whole day.  Heck, I spent the whole  day outside under the coconut tree watching over them.

5- don’t bother carrying too much cash.  There are absolutely lots of places to eat in Boracay.  From the high dollar rate restaurant to 65 pesos meal.  And besides D’Mall have more than 5 ATM machines so banking is not going to be an issue.

What are you waiting for?  Get off your ass and plan your next vacation and hit Boracay before Boracay deteriorates.

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