My children and I love Starbucks.  Despite the cost of coffee and dessert, we love to frequent Starbucks in Manila.  So after moving in Northern Mindanao, we have been missing our night prowls to Starbucks.

I found Starbucks accidentally in Boracay.  My children and I were having lunch at the Yellow Cab and waiting for my sister and her family to pick us up for island hopping when this young man approached the security guard of the place for something.

The security guard obviously had a hard time understanding the guy so he beckoned to me, and the young handsome fella approached me and asked, “Do you know where Starbucks is?”  To which I responded, “I have no idea, we just got here… you sure there’s a Starbucks here?” “Yea, saw a girl drinking her coffee earlier…”  So anyway to make it short, I asked the security guard and the security guard pointed to the left and the guy and I looked and found the oh so familiar green logo further down the street.

Aha, so there is a Starbucks in Boracay… much to the excitement of my children.  The girls made me promise to take them over to Starbucks after dinner…

So right after our dinner buffet at the Talipapa, we strolled and window shopped.

Its amazing how much people and tourists are really out there during dinner time.  The place was buzzing with activities, and peddlers calling us to look at their wares.

So while walking we passed by Starbucks and my daughters begged me to for an ensaymada…  Who can resist that?

We went inside, ordered, one huge cafe mocha for me, and 5 orders of vanilla frappucino, a slice of cheesecake, 4 ensaymada and a slice of banana loaf bread.  Ahhhh… Starbucks Coffee taste so good…

We ate under those Starbucks umbrellas and the kids ate their desserts while the adults talk and share bites of those wonderful ensaymada.  Damage?  P1,200.  Was it worth it?  Definitely…  🙂

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