When my sister told me she is taking us all to Boracay, I was hesitant mainly because I will be traveling with 4 children.  Just imagine me in the airport lagging along small children plus a luggage.  Number 2, although I will be traveling with my father, he is ancient and has a hearing problem, so I actually consider myself traveling with 5 children.  Whew…

Anyway, since my lovely and generous sister paid for our lodging and airfare, I really have nothing much to complain about– so I decided to brave the crowd.

As expected, the plane ride from CDO to Cebu went without a hitch.  The kids love the short plane ride.  We got to Mactan International Airport around 8:00am and since we did not have any breakfast, we went over to the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, which was only a stone throw away from the Arrival Area.  But as soon as we stepped out, it started to drizzle.  So I scurry back inside and walked to the Waterfront Hotel Desk and told the concierge that I want to have breakfast at their hotel and if its possible for him to arrange for a hotel car to pick us up since it was raining.  No questions asked, he quickly did a headcount and mumbled on his radio and told us to follow him.

With the kids galloping all over the place, we went out and waited until a huge white van came and we went in.  The ride to the hotel was swift but the kids were all bouncing up and down the chair and chatting endlessly.

Waterfront Hotel

We went inside the grand hotel lobby and I walked into the restaurant on the side where Chinese, Continental, Filipino and Japanese food were lavishly displayed.  I asked for a table and a high chair and I instructed Alis and Freida to hit the buffet tables.  My father whispered to me and asked, how much is the food?  I told him to shut up and eat as much as he can… lol

I started my breakfast with a little fried rice, and hainanese chicken.  The girls started with pancakes, bacon and siopao.  Tyrell had rice and bacon.  Sophie had chicken.  And that was first round.

Second round, the girls had cereals and milk.  I made some congee and coffee.  My father did a huge carbo load and platter of fruits.  We hanged around until it was an hour to our flight to Kalibo.  The damage?  USD 85.

The trip to Kalibo was even shorter than the other flight.  The children behaved well.  Each one have their own chair.  The girls were chatting while Ty and his Lolo were busy reading a comic book.

The only problem was the travel time from Kalibo to Caticlan was 2 hours.

A van from the hotel picked us up and we were comfortably seated and the drive although panoramic and not at all bumpy.  So after 2 plane rides and a huge breakfast, everybody except me dozed off.

The drive to Caticlan was quiet and scenic indeed.  When we finally got to the port of Caticlan, the kids were recharged and excited.  I had to counter several, “Are we there yets,” and “Is this Boracay?  Where’s the beach?” Kids…

Anyway, we had to wait for 5 minutes when we were told that the boat has arrived.  We hoped into a boat and off we went to sunny Boracay.

First glimpse of Boracay

The ride took less than 15 minutes and honestly when I saw those stupid billboards, I was disappointed… “so this is Boracay?”

We hopped out and a driver approached us and told us to ride a smallish jeep.  We piled in and was told the ride will take less than 30 minutes.  The drive was short.  The roads in the town of Boracay was narrow.  I was surprised to see how crowded the main town was.  So many small stores and foreign pedestrians.

The jeep stopped at a wooden gate and we were told we were in the hotel already.

It was funny we were dropped at the back of the hotel, I thought and when we were on the way to the reception area, I saw the clear blue sea of Boracay.  Wow.

So we have reached our destination.

Boracay exceeded my expectations.

So, is it possible to travel to Boracay with small children?


So, how did I manage?

1- luggage.  Instead of carrying one huge luggage, I allowed the  children to pack their own backpacks and they were responsible for their own bags.

2- clothes.  Never bring too much clothes in Boracay.  For my kids, my sister has advised us to bring swimwears and nylon shorts.  Never bring shoes in Boracay.  The sand is so fine and powdery it does not hurt to walk along the shoreline. Being slippers or flipflops instead.

3- preparation.  Weeks before we traveled, I prepared my children about the flight and the ride.  It pays to prepare the children mentally.  It would not hurt as well if they are full while traveling.

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