mbsCagayan de Oro is hosting this year’s 3rd Mindanao Blogger’s Summit.  Spearheaded by ChiQ Montes and the CDO Bloggers, this event will surely be a success.  If you are an active blogger in Mindanao, please don’t be so quick to say no!  You can still register and join the Summit on October 24, 2009, at Pearlmont Inn, LimKetKai Drive, Cagayan de Oro.

This year’s Summit will be emceed by Migs Hipolito.  Famous local blogger, Blogie Robillo as well as Avel Manansala, Aileen Apolo and Lyle Santos will all have their 30 minute to discuss their niche and blogging expertise.  They will also share their knowledge in earning money online and how to gain more traffic to their sites.

I know the venue is not that great, and it is NOT Mallberry Suites, but lets take– its  Pearlmont!  Its inexpensive and location wise, it is convenient.  So will I be attending the summit?  I have never attended any bloggers summit before, but suffice to say I am tempted… lets just see, aye?

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