I noticed that I hang around  Twitter longer each day.  When I wake up, I like checking @Inquirerdotnet for local news that I might have missed during the time I was snoring away…

I really do not care who is following me because I have seem to attract enough Internet Marketers and spambots that I stopped wondering who my followers are.  For some reason, some felt it is interesting to follow my tweets, but I like following my favorite Twitterfolk.

As I continue to tweet and retweet information which I think were worth retweeting and relevant,  I can now understand what @davewiner has said about the importance of real time information and how it is important for blogging to join in the foray of the release of real time information now or be obsolete.

It was amazing how I have watched and lurked @davewiner, @Om, @Scobleizer and the honcho of WordPress himself @photomatt discuss the future of blogging as it rides and innovates along with Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed.

Weeks ago, I have asked my Twitter friends why they tweet and their answers were:

@abeolandres– famed local blogger, entrepreneur and founder of Yugatech.com, he tweets because its saves him more money.  It is amazing how some people use Twitter like SMS messaging– another way to communicate and send messages, not just to the person himself, but this message will go along the stream of real time messages, thereby reaching other people who may or may not be interested of the exchange.

For businessman, @magnotti, who is part owner of @TryBPO, he uses Twitter because it is quick and easy, especially with programs like Seesmic.  As a business owner, @TryBPO uses Twitter to send and share information about the benefits of outsourcing and how affordable it is.

According to big time blogger, Connie Veneracion also known as @sassylawyer, “what’s too short for a blog entry goes into Twitter.”  For mom blogger and business owner, @brandyellen, “twitter allows me to connect on amore personal 1-1 way with bloggers and pros in a way Facebook cannot.”

Just imagine us cramming some cohesive message into 14o characters!  Just imagine the  power of real time information running through Twitter!  I can only imagine what the servers of Twitter looked like.  In time, Twitter will be as big as Google…  In the end, I agree with @MarieisRukia that “Twitter is a faster, simpler way of sharing and getting information with less fuss and minus the crap we don’t need.”

So, why do you tweet?

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