In response to @ryanbarr’s contest sent via Twitter, I would definitely love to win a $50 or $25 Apple Gift Card from – Web Design and Development. To comply with the contest rules, here are my response:

1. What you would do with your Apple Gift Card if you won?

If I would win, I would definitely get myself a subscription of MobileMe or a Mac Box Set if I have extra money to cover the balance.

It’d be nice to get an upgrade from my older OSX!

2. Who do you find most inspiring and why?

I find Matt Mullenweg because of his achievements as well as his influence in the development of WordPress and other web applications. He is inspiring especially to the youth and to web users because of his dedication and obvious talent as well as intelligence and his hardwork in harnessing his craft.

3. Your Twitter username so others can follow you if they please. (Not required.)

Anyone interested on SAHM tips as well as VA tips can follow my progress via Twitter @lifediscourse.

(Via Ryan Barr)

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