EA797D21-4522-4978-9E8B-7CDA2C7E6FE6.jpgI have moved houses last weekend, and although I am happier for finding a house which was only a block away from my children’s school and this entails an increase in savings since the children won’t have to take the short tricycle drive to the school everyday now, my webwork was halted by absence of internet connection.

I was so excited about the move that I forgot to consider my DSL connection.  Moving not only meant moving furniture but also moving antennas and packing– again… darn, I am getting so good with packing and moving houses now. Moving also mean changing my mailing addresses and that mean changing billing addresses for my internet, landline as well as bank statements. Being a webworker, my life and work breathe along with the internet.  Without internet connection, my job is non-existent, and my work was for a week on hold until I get my antenna up.

2F0EF2A6-EF82-4DBC-8F69-57CB162AADF6.jpgI went to Globe Innove office the very next day I moved and requested for relocation as well as reinstallation request. Much to my dismay, the CSR who attended to me at the office told me that I needed to make the request at another branch and asked why, she said this was because the form was unavailable in their branch. Trying my best not to explode, I asked her if the other branch can send the form via email or by fax to their branch so I can complete the form there so they can perform the process. She looked at me like I came from outer space and when I started to look for another personnel to speak with. I asked her, “can you just check if my request is possible?” She reluctantly went to her colleague on the other table and the other girl said yes it is possible. I smiled back upon hearing this and then the girl who was attending to me hurled another stupid utterance: “Ah, Ma’am can you please come back later kay mag lunch pa ko…”



Customer service truly suck here in the country! Hearing this reminded me of my experience with Banco de Oro and I had to strain myself from bursting.

Then my son started saying, “Mom are we eating at Pizza Hut?” Save by the bell… Instead of reasoning out with her, I instead I said, “ok, can you please make sure the form is here after 45 minutes? My kids and I will have lunch as well.”

After our lunch the forms were ready and I signed the request.

Now waiting for the serviceman to come around my address was another thing…

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