Nifty and convenient way to fix your broadband connection

Nifty and convenient way to fix your broadband connection

Earlier today my daughter suddenly screamed that the internet was no longer working.  I asked her to make sure that the Airport Switch in the Macbook is “ON.”  She said the “rainbow” was missing.  After her loud scream, Freida who was using the other PC in the other room screamed and she said there was something wrong with her PC too.  I looked at the PC and saw that there indeed was no connection.  I reseted the modem and unplugged the cable from the wireless router and directed the cable into the main router and reloaded the browser.  Nothing.


Good thing I still have the Bayantel Wireless Dial-up and I connected to Globelines stylish and rad website and downloaded Click Fix. Click Fix is an easy to use tool that subscribers can use to troubleshoot their connections without having to call for assistance.  Using my Bayantel connection, I downloaded and run the program and in minutes I was asked to unplug and replug the cables, turned off the Windows firewall, etc.  A small pop-up window conveniently instructs me what to do.  I followed the instructions explicitly and after 5 or so minutes we were all back online!

Thanks to the convenient program from Globelines.  If you are a Globe Broadband subscribers, I strongly suggest you use the program while your connection is STILL working.  In case you lose your connection, there is a more economical and convenient alternative other than calling technical support… who liked being put on hold, anyway?

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