Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), a non-profit organization formed in 2000 by a dedicated group of animal lovers determined to help the plight of animals in the Philippines. Despite RA8485- Animal Welfare Act, cruelty to animals, especially to dogs and cats continues. This is largely due to ignorance and the total lack of political will to enforce the law. As a consequence, dogs are regularly killed and then eaten; while cats are beaten, stoned or shot for the sheer fan of it. In many cases, children have witnessed elders stabbing stray dogs to death, then roasted over the fire. There are even documented cases of town and village police as perpetrators of these heinous acts. CARA Philippines has recently decided to help stop and protect the animals as like humans, animals have the moral right to be treated with respect and without exploitation.

On February 21-22, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., CARA Philippines will sponsor an animal adoption weekend at Boni High Street on Saturday and Sunday, outside the Coffee Bean Cafe, Parking Area B8. If you have the time to visit, please drop by and adopt or sponsor some of the animals and meet some of the people behind CARA.

To know more about CARA Philippines, visit their website and volunteer your services for a good cause.

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