This is in continue to my previous post, here.

Since the money I got from BDO was only P1,500, there was no other choice but to use the suspected fake one thousand. My neighbor who owns a store thinks the money is okay so I used it to pay for some goods.

Then she herself used it to pay for some stuff she got from Procter and Gamble and they came to see me today to say that THEY suspect that the money is a fake however, since their bank has not officially identified as a fake, the money will remain a suspected fake. Dang!

Anyway, the salesman asked me wher I go the cash and I said it came from an over the counter withdrawal at BDO. My neighbor who has been in the business for more than 10 years also says the money doesn’t seem fake only that it feels softer, but the ribbon and shadows are present. I asked the salesman if this was an isolated incident and he said that they have came across several fake two hundred peso bills and one thousand peso bill.

So what now?

I asked him if the money has been officially verified and identified as fake? He said not officially, but the likelihood that it is a fake is high. Oh, no, not the words I wanted to hear. And he said that instances like this, the banks usually do not accept nor exchange suspected fake currencies.

So who’s at fault now? It is obvious that the money came from me. And the money I got came from BDO and my question is this, do you think BDO would change the suspected fake money for me? What are the SOPs of bank institutions when it comes to fake currency? What should I do as consumer? I unknowingly accepted a fake note from a bank, no less!

What should I do? Just skulk and accept the fact that BDO gave me a fakie? Who should I report this incident to? Can the police actually do anything about this? Lastly, will I get my one thousand back or should I just kiss it goodbye?

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