Something happened to my Zoundry Raven blog editor.  I have restarted my PC several times today but I still cannot get my offline blog editor to work.  Whoever used the PC yesterday must have spoiled my program.  At any rate, this gave me the opportunity to check out other blog editors. 

My requirement?

Offline Editing Availability because I am still in an obsolete town where there is only one DSL provider.  But alas, my house just happened to be a dead spot.  No signal, whatsoever and still using dial-up.

WYSIWYG (for HTML losers like me). 

I googled and found another offline editor called Qumana.  Like Zoundry, it is free and can be used offline– meaning it is not browser dependent.  Qumana, I later found out has Insert Ad advantage.  If you are affiliated with google adwords, putting ads to your entries is easier than 1-2-3.

The only initial disappointment with Qumana is set up because it took me several tries just to configure my blogs into the system.  Somehow, I was getting the bad login or missing endpoint kind of error messages.  Up to this point, my other blog, Frugal Living Pinoy Style is not in the system, including Pinoy Travel Blog

I wonder what’s up with that?

If Qumana doesn’t stand up to its promise, I will download Zoundry Again and adios to Qumana

Powered by Qumana

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