When I woke up and went out of our bedroom to prepare our breakfast, what was infront of me totally ruined my day.

S h i t ! !

I shrieked and woke up the children. The house rats rummaged and totally ruined the place where I keep some dry goods.  Totally reminded me of an entry by Delish

Instead of cooking breakfast, I ended up cleaning up the mess. The inventory? The rats gnaw open 4 containers of Nestle Cream (mental note: buy them in cans instead of those in tetra packs) and 2 packs of Betty Crocker Bisquick (darn… I sour-graped, the pancake milk could be laced with melamine for all I care… I hoped the melamine kills the rats), 1 pack of Lucky Me Instant Noodles and gnaw open 1 pack of Ram Macaroni. The soiled cream dripped and spoiled the entire cabinet. I was glad to find out that other than that, the others are intact.

I had to take out all the food items and then disinfect the cabinet with a solution I made: Clorox, water and some laundry soap. I noticed some rat droppings and my anger grew a notch higher. While scrubbing the mess I was imagining ways to trap and kill the rats and stop the infestation. The fact that our house is close to the rice paddies where rats hang and eat doesn’t help at all. I am determined and I will lay out my traps later tonight and see what happens. I am also considering letting the cat in as Plan B.

As part of the plan, I will also rearrange the major furniture to trick the rats since I have read that rats are habitual creatures, they get disoriented and they will lie low for awhile to reorient. And when they do, I will be ready to poison them. I have yet to check out the poison bait in the market here, but since the Philippines is infested with rats, the shelves should be well stocked. Now for my weapon of choice… I will decide…

Call me– soon to be Rat Killer…

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