There is no doubt that I am on the lookout for another bank. I am greatly dissatisfied over the performance of Banco de Oro especially with their poor internet banking facility. Darn it! My family used to have accounts with Citibank and their internet facility is up to the nines. Transferring funds here and abroad is such a breeze. Paying for bills online can be done with a click of the mouse.

I even had a claims dispute years ago with Citibank, of which I was charged 5 times of the same magazine subscription and after I complained, the amount was credited back to my account the next day. It was such easy breezy operation that I am dumbfolded over the internet banking facility of Banco de Oro when it is supposed to be one of the biggest banks in the country.

Years ago, I also held an account with Metrobank and years ago, the local banks were just starting their online facilities. Metrobank‘s interface was not very good but it was fast rendering. I have never tried their bills payment facility since my Citibank was doing that job efficiently. Paying PLDT and Meralco online was so convenient.

Now I am on the hunt for a new bank. I want a bank that has Banco de Oro’s late hours, and with Citibank’s outstanding internet facility. Is there any bank that fit the bill?

Feedback, anyone?

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