I believe there is an unseen world around us.

– Stephen King (1947-), Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

I managed to get part-time help. She comes twice a week to do general cleaning, ironing of clothes and gardening. She is actually my ear, since I rarely venture out of the neighborhood, she tells me all sorts of stories about the people I live close to and alot more.

Last week, she informed me that there have been several break-ins in her own neighborhood. Chicken, fighting cocks, bicycles, and laundry has been taken under the noses of their owners. All break-ins happened in the middle of the day. She also told me that my aunt’s electric cable has been stolen but her employees saw the culprit and ran after him and the thief left his loot just to save his skin.

Today was another day… This time she asked me if I have heard of banging on the roof at night. I said, no, and to think I sleep late than most people… So I took the bait and asked, “why?” Then she said, that there has been stories about flying creatures in the night. What is scary she said was the fact that the creature was heard to be dragging something and it can be heard as the creature hops from one roof to the other.

Hmm. Not the first time I have heard of this flying-creature-with-something-dragging story. My neighbor’s mother actually mentioned this weeks ago to me. That as she actually saw a silhouette of a flying creature one night and that it scared her because of the sheer size of it and the fact that the creature has a long tail. Hmmm, a tail or perhaps something hanging on to something…

This reminds me of a quote by Edmund Burke, a political philosopher and he said, “Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.” Very apt, and appropriate I’d say. I believe that voodoo or witchcraft can only affect the people who believe in it. Though I was raised in a rural area, I was not exposed to alot of superstitious beliefs. Perhaps its because my parents are very religious, but this is not the cause in most people who even though they are very religious, they managed to combine and amalgate animistic beliefs with religion. This is not very unusual since indigenious Filipinos were pagans.  I used to find it strange for religous people who also believes in manananggal or any of the similar creatures.

At any rate, before I digress, my part time maid even warned me of people who “stares strange” and I was supposed to “stare them down” in order to ward them off.  She even mentioned the town next to ours as witch county or land of the aswang as she said.

The logical me rationalized to my maid that the creature might just be a huge bird carrying a prey– could be an eagle carrying or dragging some smaller animal on its talon. I have no idea about hunting behavior of eagles or birds of prey, but hey, night time is a vulnerable time for any creature since its dark and defenses are usually lower. She then asked me if I believe in ghosts or witchcraft, and slowly choosing my words, I said, “I do not believe in ghosts, but I believe in the evilness of people and the hunger and desire of some to create chaos and mischief at the expense of the weak.”  I think we should just leave things at that…

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