I have blogged and known about WordPress since it was launched but I never took the time to know the people behind the open source blogging platform. I came across Mindanao Bloggers and found out about the most recent Wordcamp here in the country. Wordcamp is a gathering of WordPress users sponsored by world renowned Automattic, which was rumored to have just rejected an offer. That and the most recent acquisition of Intense Debate.

Now, from the Mindanao Bloggers entry about the Wordcamp Philippines and the upcoming 2nd Mindanao Blogging Summit in General Santos, I came across Matt Mullenweg’s name and discovered this is the guy behind Automattic and founder of WordPress and bbPress. I did check out his blog and saw the photo of this young lad with a cute face. Darn! This kid must have it all… looks, money (INC has declared Matt as one of their Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30), incredible mind (dropping out from University of Houston doesn’t prove anything…) and creative even.(wipes drool…) Just look and admire the template of his blog. Hay, it must be great having almost everything at 24…

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