My children loves that movie Ratatouille by Disney and Pixar. We watch the movie everyday since my toddler simply love to watch “Rat-polly” as he calls it.

Free Image Hosting at My daughters love the movie also. Every line is memorized by heart. Weeks ago, my eldest daughter asked me to prepare the dish Ratatouille. I was stumped. So there I was, firing up Google and hope I find the recipe for the dish. Good thing, my favorite blogs, Elise and Cooking for Engineers have the recipe. I printed both version and found that the dish has to be baked, which irritated me because I did not have an oven here. But at any rate, I think the dish can be prepared without the baking part and I found a recipe that did not require baking, courtesy of Provence Beyond.

Honestly, I doubt if the children would eat the dish because of the zucchini and eggplants, but I cannot guarantee everything, can I?

To watch a cut from the movie, click here or here.

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