There is no doubt that I need to find a job.  I am also on the lookout for businesses to open in my own little town here in Northern Mindanao.  Opening my own sari-sari store is obviously not my thing and I do not see selling load as my bread and butter.  Hayyy, the stressful living of married, er single motherhood.  So solution?  I am on the hunt for a Virtual Assistance job scouring Craigslist and other websites like monster and our local listings.  Craigslist has a myriad of authentic and legitimate job hunters and sadly scammers are also posting their non-sense so people like my has to wade through some bullshits before finding the rare and authentic posts. Part of the adventure of job hunting in the digital age, I guess.

Anyway, I have been sending off my resume for 5 VA positions mostly in the Philippines, and I got a response from AICOM in Manila and I received a call from them asking me to come tomorrow for exam and interview.  My mistake was assuming that the VA job was home based or at least telecommuting is allowed– wrong.  So, its my loss really since I obviously am not in Manila and cannot fly and work there… The chance and opportunity was not for me so, moving on…

So I am on the trail for THE dream Work at Home Gig.  I am technically harnessing my resume and eversince I got that call from Aicom, I am happier that my resume was noticed.  But anyway, I know I am more than qualified for the VA stint having worked for a huge company eons ago as an executive assistant.

So what is my dream job?  I want a job that I can do at the privacy of my own home.  A job that can support my children and at the same time, I can be near them 24/7.  Any VA job would be great but the Philippines has not opened its door 100% to telecomuting.  I am also scouring VA jobs elsewhere hoping I will stumble on some legitimate search.  So, guys, wish me luck…

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