I have a pending claims dispute with my local bank, Banco de Oro.  It all started when the cashier at Makro swiped my debit card THRICE after their POS machine said “comm error” on its teeny screen.  I got tired of the “error messages” so I told the cashier to cancel the debit card payment and I decided to withdraw some cash using the same card at the ATM located in the store.  After withdrawing and looking at the receipt, I noticed something amiss.  Since my children were all running around amok in Makro, I told everybody to get out and off we went after I settled the bills in cash.

I checked my transactions at BDO Online and saw that I was indeed charged.  The charged went through and I also paid for the same transaction iun cash.  D a m n ! ! !  I called the BDO Hotline and reported the discrepancies.  I was only given an incident number and was promised a refund in 10 days…  Its over a month now and darn, BDO, I want my money back!!!

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