My landlady who happens to be a seamstress came today to collect next month’s rent and to install the curtains I ordered last month. The house we are leasing is void of any window treatments, making the house look bare and has THAT unwelcoming feel.

We have been here for 3 months now and having just moved in, I did not have the resources to purchase a curtain– even a cheap one since last month since the house has alot of windows. At any rate, I alloted and budgeted some cash for the curtains last month and asked the landlady to make me one set of curtains for the entire house.

The entire condo unit in Manila is air conditioned, all rooms were installed with pale wooden blinds from Germany. It costed me an arm AND a leg, but its still nice and has not faded like those cheap ones you can easily buy at those DIY Stores.

It finally came… The color would not have been my favorite choice– pale pink– gaundy for my taste, but my daughters love it. The curtains liven up the entire house. Without alot of wall decorations, the curtains made the house look attractive and my daughter said, “Yey! Now the house look better and our room looked like Sharpay’s!” Okay, so that is definitely a complement… for the house to be compared with High School Musical’s Sharpay Evans, that is simply an improvement to “the house looked dry.”

My landlady, also the seamstress choose the style of the curtain. It was simple enough for rural country living but also good enough to entertain city people (meaning my relatives). I would love draperies or even wooden blinds like the one’s installed in my condo in Manila, but since we live in a humid, seaside village, light and sheer curtain is the best and obvious choice.

Here are a list of websites I checked:


Fabric Workroom

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