The Filipinos is probably one of the most mobile totting people around. The Japanese, Vietnamese, people from Laos (Laoasians?), Chinese are the most carriers of cellphones around. I am not too sure about the US, but I have been to some of Asian countries and I have noticed girls on motorcycles in Vientiane and Hanoi texting while maneuvering their bikes around pot holes.

I went around the mall last night and found a cheap Nokia for around 1,800. Not bad if you only wanted to use the phone and text away. No MMS for that phone but for receiving and sending simple text messages, the phone will get the job done.

After I came home from abroad, I started using Globe, Sun and even Smart Prepaid. Using prepaid was headache and I was confused with the loading credits and the cellphone companies gobbled up my credits daily and I ended up with no credits when I needed to send a message. Darn those daily text credits. No wonder the cellphone companies are bleeding us users every single day. Did you know that the bulk of the earnings of Globe and Smart are not from their postpaid clients, but the prepaid ones? Yes, from the regular people who thinks loading P10-20 pesos everyday is actually cost effective. Think about this, 20 times 5 is 100 times 4 is 400. How many prepaid subscribers does Globe and Smart have? How many MILLIONS?

I can only think of those prepaid subsribers who are losing their loads from those “updates” or “music downloads” that cost P15. These are the schemes of cellphone companies that drains your load everyday. Yes, every single day. One of the major scams are those “voting” schemes. You are asked to vote for anything, anyone… mostly conjuncted with some tv show. Anyway, you are asked to 1) register; 2) vote; and 3) they will send you numerous text messages at your expense because they will deduct your loads, mostly 2 pesos to 5 pesos at a time. I know you are mostly informed or lets say warned about the expense like “all text messages will cost 2 pesos” but would you have any control of the other consecutive messages? Do we receive confirmation messages or inquiries asking if we indeed wanted to receive more messages and clarification messages like, “you will be billed for the next message?”

I think the cellphone companies should have at least some sort of code of ethics. Their profits run high and service does not come to par. The President actually said in her latest SONA (pdf file here)that she would lower the cost of text from P1 to 50 centavos. Has this happened? The cellphone companies should not charge for SMS for Postpaid subscribers. But at any rate, the bulk of the revenues of cellphone companies actually do not come from the Postpaid subscribers but from the Prepaid subscribers who are lured to pay P20-25 daily using their “Unlimited” schemes. (For more discussions on the cellphone companies money making schemes, here, here and here.)

Somehow, cellphones and texting has suddenly seem indispensible…

When has our life become so text-driven?

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