I got this news from Dine Racoma’s site that Matthew Samudio, 3 year old has been kidnapped from Fiesta Mall in Alabang in July 22. This is something any mother would not wish for any of her children.

According to Matthew’s aunt, the boy was supposedly “lured” by another older girl from the Tom’s World Arcade in Fiesta Mall. Because of the present economic situation in the country, I will not be surprised to hear and read about the increase of kidnapping in urban areas especially in places like malls in Makati, Ortigas and Quezon City.

There has been no mention of any ransom demand for Matthew. But the review of the surveillance camera from the Arcade screamed abduction. I personally hope Matthew is okay. And to all mother’s out there. Let this be a lesson to us. Let us educate and remind our children at all times not to speak to strangers. And for mothers, let us not take our small children in crowded areas unnecessarily. Not only that, be strict and be explicit to your caregivers and nannies about strangers approaching them in malls and crowded areas. Just be more prudent and cautious. With more vigilance and caution, abductions such as this can be avoided.

For any information about the missing boy, please call the father of Matthew at 0923-6384632.

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