I have just downloaded the much awaited Firefox 3. I was tempted to check it out during their much read Download Day, but I hesitated because I wanted to wait for the feedbacks and after reading it from Blogher, I checked again and downloaded it TWICE. Twice?

After downloding the .exe file, and I was ready to install, I got the message “file corrupt” and I could not install. I downloaded again and got the same message. After two futile attempts, I googled “firefox 3 file corrupt” and got alot of links. Made me feel I was not alone, so I started reading the links and got nowhere. I checked the release notes of Firefox and got this:

You can talk to other users in real time by joining the #mozillazine channel on mozilla.org’s IRC server (irc.mozilla.org) with an IRC client, such as Chatzilla. (Chatzilla comes installed in Mozilla by default, and can be added to Firefox as an extension.) In addition to #mozillazine, there are channels for support and discussion of specific Mozilla products including #firefox for the Mozilla Firefox web browser and #thunderbird for the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.

I installed Chatzilla and got into a world I have never known until now. So many techies just talking about Firefox, how to customize and tweak the CSS of Firefox… So I threw in my question and Nathan responded and asked what the file size was. Perhaps trying to determine if I downloaded the right program. He then asked me what my virus scan program is and he advised me to turn it off before downloading the Firefox and reinstall. True to his word the Windows XP started to extract the files and Firefox was installed. Viola! Now its time to find out what the buzz is about…

To download Firefox 3, click here or click the button below.

Firefox 3

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