The idea that if you inflict cruelty on the living animal immediately before slaughter the result will be greater flavour and tenderness in the carcass still exists today.
Andrew Higgins (1958 – )

I woke up with the sound of a pig squealing… not the regular “I am a pig, then I squeal” but a “please do not kill me” kind of squeal… poor pig.

In preparation for tomorrow’s town fiesta, my neighbors are busy getting ready for their huge fiesta celebration. It’s the middle of the day now, and I must have heard 3 or 4 major pig slaughtering squeals in the neighborhood. The sound of tricycles traveling back and forth had increased somehow. I also heard more commotion next door, since our neighbor is a big Red Horse distributor. More orders to fulfill then…

Since we are new to the place, I guess it is understandable that there wouldn’t be any preparation in our home. Having no extra money to use for celebrations such as this, I am already thinking of ways to spend the day– perhaps out of the house as to avoid visitors I have not invited. 🙂 I guess there is nothing new to the habit of trying to avoid the wrath of fiesta-goers… my parents have done the same a couple of times before. We usually go out of town the day of the fiesta and return the next day.

That actually make sense when alot of times during fiestas, strangers actually comes inside your house to eat. Since fiestas mean sharing and celebrating the feast of a certain saint of the locality some actaully believe it is bad luck to turn away anybody. I actually gave away some coins to a mother and son singing some sort of tune infront of my gate minutes before lunch time.

Unlike me, my aunt who is a businesswoman who is quite influential in the area has already pre-ordered 20 lechons to be delivered to every government offices and group of people on the day of the fiesta which is tomorrow. I gasped when I heard of this and my cousin had explained the rationale behind their mother’s fiesta tactics. Since their family know of som many people, to avoid cramping into their home and too much drinking, they have found out that it is way peaceful and cheaper to deliver lechons to the offices of friends and even corporations who deals with them rather than inviting them into their home. No drinking squabble to fix, not alot of dishes to wash and fewer people to entertain into their homes. If there are people in their house these would be personal close friends of the family. More intimate this way, they said.

Well, we can celebrate fiesta any way we want, but mostly, families begin fiesta by going to church. Us who have no means to celebrate, run away and hide… Nothing new to that… 🙂

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